Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day mom!

Dear mom,

You were the best mom in the world. I am realizing that more and more everyday. I miss you a lot! I wish you were still here. I especially wish you were here for Julie, Becky, Emilee, and dad. But I trust that you are here for all of us in spirit helping in ways that we are not aware. I am sorry for not liking our house in Yuma because it was the smallest one on the street. Thank you for trying to make the move to Yuma better for us by buying the ping pong table, the badminton set, and the volleyball net and ball. It's little things like that I remember and that I miss. I wish I could hand this letter to you personally. But maybe there's Internet in heaven and you can login and read this on my blog. I love you mom!

With all my love,

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  1. Oh man, i miss her too! I think of her often. I watched your video of her and I found myself responding to her as she talked to you while you were filming. It was totally involuntary, just natural to respond as she told you a story. I miss talking to her and hearing her voice. I am glad we have that video.