Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas 2009

I went to Yuma for Christmas.  It was fun hanging out with Emilee and Becky and their families and of course El Don Bryan.  Here are some pics at a big park in Yuma.

At church Jeb was the hymn book coordinator for our row.  He collected all the hymn books on the row and stacked them up on the chair next to him.  When it came time to sing he handed each of us our hymn books already turned to the correct page.  When the song was over he collected the hymn books again.  I liked having a hymnal coordinator.

I took some pictures of old Yuma on the way home.

Old Yuma 2009

Dad and I went to see Avatar but it was sold out.  We went by the river, which borders Mexico, on the way home.  Every thing is gated and fenced off.  It teed us off that we couldn't get down to our old swimming and fishing holes.  We finally found a spot and it even had a trail that lead down to the river.  The Border Patrol agents routinely drag a sled made from old tires on the road to cover up old tracks and create a fresh bed for new ones.  I don't remember what was said but dad got me into the mood to cause some mischief.  Before getting out of the truck I told dad to carry me on his back down to the river.  One set of footprints going down to the river, two sets of prints coming up.  We even made tracks that looked like we climbed out of the river.  I went walking down the road while crazy dad spun some brodies, donuts, or whatever you want to call them.  He picked me up down the road.  As I was getting into the truck I looked up and saw a tower with cameras, a radar and other hi tech gadgetry.

I thought Oh crap we are dead.  I pointed the tower out to dad and then looked around for a green and white.  Sure enough just up the road I see a border patrol bronco cruising our way.  I jumped in and we took off.  He followed us down the road.  When another agent showed up, the first turned on his lights and pulled us over.  They ran our drivers licenses and asked a few questions.  At the end they said the way we got out of the truck was a little weird.  I felt like I was 14 and hanging out with the Welker boys again.  The only difference is we didn't have any weapons drawn on us.