Sunday, May 25, 2008

Seattle May 2008 Day 1

First off, thanks Jason and Lisa for the ticket to Seattle. It was a great time. Too bad I didn't get to go to Kinnewick. Maybe next time.
I had a really long first day. On Thursday I slept till 5pm. I stayed up all night. Caught a ride to LAX at 7am. I got into Seattle around noon. We spent the day at the zoo. I was feeling it by the end of the day. I think I made it to 29 hours before I crashed. The 24 hour days happen a couple of times a month so I'm used to it.
The best part was seeing all the nieces and nephews. I love being the favorite uncle!

On the way to the zoo. Ahoo, Gunner and Scottie with the killer shades.

Pat these pictures are for you. I knew you would be disappointed if I went to a zoo and didn't take any pictures of animals. (Which I almost did).

Ahoo and Nathanael at the African Safari exhibit.

Nathanael and Gunner with Ben 10 watch (for shape shifting).

This is my favorite picture. Samantha told us a story of when Tess got lost at the science center. She told the employee her name was Ahoo and they announced over the intercom for the parents of Ahoo to come get her. Samantha didn't hear it because she didn't know Tess had changed her name to Ahoo. While I was there she changed her name to Yanna (Yaw-na). I kept calling her Ahoo but she wouldn't have it. "My name is Yanna!"

Kate the lion.

Scottie the tiger.

Ethan is figuring out what he's going to turn into next.

Easy E, E.Z.E., Eazy E in da house!

Nathanael didn't want to leave the zoo.

Betsy's birthday.

Seattle day 2

Joe's graduation from Seattle University School of Law was on Saturday May 17 in 90 degree weather. We moved up into the shade along with pretty much everyone else. Joe got heat exhaustion from not being able to move and being in the black robe.

We ate at Bahama Breeze which was really good food. The kids stayed home with baby sitters.

Seattle Day 3

On Sunday we took a quick trip to Lake Wilderness.

Dad you know I had to put this picture in. Maybe it will help motivate you.

Just like any baby at this age, Betsy put everything in her mouth.

El Don is out.

Seattle Day 4: Mt. Rainier and Gunner's Game

We went to Mt. Rainier on Monday. The road was closed so we stopped at a picnic area.

Gunner was the last one to bat and as the last batter you run as far as you can because the inning is over whether or not you're safe or out. So Gunner rounds first and is on his way to 2nd base but the 2nd basemen already had the ball and was waiting for him. That didn't stop Gunner. He ran way out into the outfield with the 2nd basemen on his tail. He practically ran all over the field trying to stay safe.

Eyes on the ball.

This is him running back in from the outfield to 2nd base.

3rd base

Look at Gunner, now look at home plate. He was not going to get tagged out. He had everybody laughing.