Monday, March 08, 2010

Stake Youth Auction

We had an auction for the youth in the LA stake for their various activities and such. It was funny to see all the stuff being auctioned off. Front row Lakers tickets x2 went for $500. Chelsie Hightower from Dancing with the Stars is in the singles ward and she donated tickets. A lot of high fashion stuff from Burberry junk to a Louis Vuitton bag. My personal favorite was to have Larry King record your outgoing phone message. Imagine getting my voicemail in the signature Larry King voice "Hello this is Larry King, Jarom Ellsworth is not here right now but if you leave a message he will call you as soon as he can..." It went for $110. (His wife is in the ward.)

There is a landmark hot dog joint in Hollywood called Pinks Hotdogs. It always has a long line even at 1am. I have always wanted to go but never wanted to wait in line. One of the youth donated himself to stand in line for you. At the end of the night they raised $10,000.