Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Catalina with El Don Bryan

I spent Friday of Labor Day weekend in Catalina with dad. The night before was total HELL for me trying to go to sleep. I got into bed after taking a sleep aid tablet at 1am. I tossed and turned for maybe 45 minutes and then took another tablet. I dozed off for about ten minutes and then dad started to snore. I got up and told him to turn on his machine. Still could not sleep. An hour after that I took a third tablet. By this time it is 3am and the alarm is set for 6am. All I wanted was 4 hours of sleep or 3. Sometime between 3 and 4am I dozed off and then woke up again refreshed after a few minutes. I think it was dad's machine that woke me up but I don't know. My roommate was gone so I went into his room at around 4 am. I'm not sure when I got to sleep but 6am came really fast. Normally my most productive time is between 2 and 5am. I forced myself up and into the shower. The traffic going south to Long Beach wasn't bad so we made it with time to spare. We took the Catalina Express ferry to Avalon.

Wrigley Memorial (chewing gum, Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field) and Botanical Gardens

The trip was a blast except for feeling dead tired. We rented some bikes, checked out the sights, snorkeled, and slept on the beach (grass). There are no beaches in Catalina.

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